Shape ans style your material quickly.


Your bespoke machine to decorate your products.
Two sturdy cylinders, the first engraver and the second to receive the negative of the mould, allow to process material and imprint completely customisable and permanent drawings or writing.

Our embossing machine is suitable for materials with weights between 30 and 90 g/ m2 and for a maximum of two reels (2 superimposed sheets).

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Our assistance service guarantees reliable, skilled and continuous technical support for all our machine. This service can be via phone or email (in cases that are simple and easy to solve) but also via the customer’s production site, in cases where more targeted intervention is needed with regards to the machines and customers.

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E-mail: info@cavalleri.org

Technical support response times are extremely fast, guaranteeing the highest standards regarding productivity and reliability that have always enabled Cavalleri to stand out from its competitors.

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