SYNCRO is a versatile transverse cutter for any type of thin material, with unique precision.


SYNCRO is a versatile transverse cutter for any type of thin material, with unique precision. Cavalleri transversal cutters are the best solution to transform raw materials into your products.

The exclusive knife with opposing blades, made with top quality materials, guarantees clean, precise and burr-free cutting. Sheet squaring is completely motorized.

Transport of the cut sheets takes place through a series of belts, quickly and without any damage to your products. SYNCRO has a synchronized trolley that picks up the cut sheets from the collecting cylinder, transports them and gently stacks them on the high stack collection table. Perfect reaming is obtained also thanks to the excellent work carried out by the STRIKE PLATES


Paper, tissue, wrapping paper, plastic materials, polypropyl-ene, polyethylene, poster board, combined materials, self-adhesive paper, silicone paper, etc. in weights from 10 to 250 gr/mq.


To allow cutting with register control. The system is made up of a dedicated page on the touch screen panel with regards to photo-cell settings, dedicated brushless motor and unit for the management of the traction cylinder, modifications on the automation program to allow automatic correction of notch errors, when these are inside the window.


The powder brakes guarantee precision in torque control, are generally small and can be equipped with a fan according to the needs of the application..


These devices with ionizing properties eliminate the electrostatic charges on the materials during processing. The antistatic bars therefore enables the machines to work without problems, and especially without slowing down production.


The name itself says it: it is used to unwind and support the reels of material be cut. Simple and sturdy, and with a limited footprint, attached to thoe machine or stand-alone according to requirements, it allows the operator to work safely and with precision.

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Make your machine unique, perfect for your work, with our custom and optional solutions available.


Our assistance service guarantees reliable, skilled and continuous technical support for all our machine. This service can be via phone or email (in cases that are simple and easy to solve) but also via the customer’s production site, in cases where more targeted intervention is needed with regards to the machines and customers.


Since 2016, Cavalleri has integrated an APP available on ANDROID and IOS capable of remotely and safely managing the main controls of the cutters.

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